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 Natural Active ingredients for hemorrhoids healing


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Aloe Vera plant
Geranimu Thubergii plant
Pogosemon Cablin plant

Water, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Geranium Thunbergii Extract and Pogostemon Cablinleaf Extract and does not contain any synthetic or chemical preservatives or alcohol.


The active ingredients have the following roles;

Pogostemon Cablin and Geranium Thunbergii - Natural preservatives

Based on their known antioxidant and bacteriostatic properties, Pogostemon Cablin and Geranium Thunbergii are used as natural preservatives in food and cosmetics products. They serve only as preservatives in the Presto Gel formulation and have a definite advantage over synthetic chemical preservatives because exposure of humans to chemical preservatives may be hazardous and carry serious health risks. The wisdom and safety of using chemical preservatives in topical cosmetic and similar preparations is in serious doubt.

Presto …… and it's over!

Geranium Thunbergii 


Pogostemon Cablin

About Presto Gel 

"The Treatment of Choice for Hemorrhoids"

Triethanolamine (1.5%) - pH adjustor 

Triethanolamine is used as a pH adjuster to ensure optimum comfort during use.

Carbomer (1.0%) - Gelling agent

Carbomer polymers are gelling agents commonly used in cosmetic and personal care products with very low toxicities and minimal skin irritation. They greatly enhance customer convenience. 

Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera plant) Extract - Physical bacteria blocker

Aloe Barbadensis provides a safe, physical protective barrier that stops your skin being infiltrated or invaded by microbes while also preventing contact with faecal acids and toxins which together are the main causes of anal discomforts.

Your Hemorrhoid "Treatment of Choice"

Presto Gel was formulated using active ingredients that are natural, herbal and non toxic in order to optimise the body's own healing mechanisms to repair all hemorrhoids / piles symptoms.  It has been clinically proven to be superior to the performance of three representative haemorrhoid preparations containing combinations of standard ingredients such as: Ethyl-three-O-benzyl-D-glucofuroluzyl 3,5,6, Benzocaine, Hydrocortisone, Nifidipine and Zinc. The clinical results exceeded the clinicians expectations by such a margin that all things considered, Presto Gel is now your Hemorrhoid Treatment of Choice.

How the Presto Gel hemorrhoid treatment works

Harmful bacteria play a significant role in promoting inflammation and discomfort and as a result, the researchers determined that most haemorrhoidal discomforts and inflammation are caused by the actions of bacteria as well as faecal acids and toxins. They therefore decided to develop a barrier gel based on Aloe Vera plant extract that would offer significant protection against bacterial infections etc., in the rectal area, which when overcome, would then allow the body to utilise its own natural, biological, cell generation and wound healing mechanisms to treat all anal fissures/fistula and hemorrhoid symptoms, as well as repairing inflamed haemorrhoidal tissues. 

Presto Gel does not kill the microbes (bacteria), but rather prevents them from penetrating the host cell (skin) by means of a scientifically well established mechanism;

1. Microorganisms are equipped on the surface of their cell-membranes with a self-adhering capability that supports the infection process.  They attach themselves to the cells (skin) of host organisms using lectins (sugar-binding proteins). 
Lectins aid the recognition process between cells and proteins, enabling the process to be highly specific.  As a result, the lectins bind the microorganisms to mannose (a simple sugar) found on the surface of the hosts cell membrane (skin). 
2. Bacterial lectins are also attracted to the chains of polysaccharide molecules found in Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera).  Applying Presto Gel presents the microorganisms with a layer of Aloe Vera extract on the surface of your skin with the result that the microbial lectins bind to the Aloe Vera plant polysaccharide molecules before they can reach your skin.  This prevents the microbes from attaching to your skin and provides a safe, physical barrier against microbial invasion.
3. Once the infection pathway is blocked and bacterial development prevented, the body is presented with the best conditions to naturally control and overcome any associated inflammation. This brings relief from the related haemorrhoid pain and anal discomforts.
Harmful bacteria have a significant role in promoting inflammation and discomfort and so Presto Gel was formulated to act as a mechanical bacterial barrier to help bring about conditions that best support your body's natural biological wound (fissure) repair mechanisms.  This aids the process of cell generation and the resolution of inflamed haemorrhoidal tissues.  The bacterial blocking mechanism does not affect friendly bacteria and has no negative impact on the body's own cells.  The process is illustrated below.

Presto Gel has no pharmacological or metabolic action.

It's function is mechanical only

Presto Gel is formulated to help heal hemorrhoids (piles)  

according to the "Natural Health Model"


 presto gel mechanical action aids hemorrhoids

Presto Gel contains:


Aloe vera extract

 Presto Gel for hemmorhoids logo with black title text

Lasting relief the way Nature intended