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Presto gel is sold in excess of 1 million a year in the US, Europe and Middle East.

As the distributor in Australia and New Zealand we are proud of around 40% returning customer success.

(*) Important Disclaimer:The results described on this Testimonials page and elsewhere on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased Presto gel and followed the guidelines. Additionally, these testimonials are not intended to make claims that these products can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease.

Read What Our Customers Have To Say About Out Treatment For Hemorrhoids

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“[..] As a nurse I have been telling many people how good your product is so I do hope you don’t run out before I need to order again!.” C. Manawatu. January 2024

“Ok, so I got a one off pain medication related haemorrhoid and didn’t even know what that was. Fast forward when everyone told me about depository treatment from Dr I thought surely there’s a natural remedy?
Internet provided Presto so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Boom, it was resolved very quickly for me with just the gel.
But here’s my story why my whole family continue to purchase it. My husband now uses it for ALL skin ailments and swears by it. He tells anyone who will listen Prestos wonder lol.
I’m just putting it out there, it works and that’s for mozzie bites, scratches, sweat rashes. Incredible product.” T. Auckland. December 2023

“Great product. Easy to apply and smells good. It relieves pain and I can get on with normal day to day activities. Hopefully I will be healed after the use one tube. Doctors should prescribe to patients.” September 2023

“Quick delivery and works well. ” S. Rotorua. August 2023

“This product is really a miracle ,an answer to my prayers. It has soothed, protected the anal passage and allowed my haemorrhoids and fissures to heal. The pain was gone almost instantly but the healing come slower with diet modification ,regular use of this product and gentle exercises. It really works and it has freed me from harmful pharmaceutical products that were costly and done over the years more harm than good. God bless you. ” L.C. August 2023

“Just ordered some more prestogel. Just wanted to say thank you so much.    I can’t believe this product isn’t mainstream.    Everyone should know about it.   Every doctor should be prescribing it.    It should be in every chemist/health shop etc.   Grateful for the scientists who came up with the formula – grateful to whoever decided to set up and sell it here in NZ.  Medals for you all. ” L.W. August 2023

“Fast and great services.Thank you! By the way it works really fast! :)” L.C. August 2023

“Hi there. I found Presto very effective for hemorrhoids. Thank you.” A.P. Otaki. June 2023

“Hi up date on your cream it’s working very well plus Have not used that much so will definitely get some more in the future very greafull thanks you can use this as a testimonyal for this product ” B.P.

“This is THE MOST PAINFUL applicator & treatment I have EVER used!! I bought two tubes, based on reviews, & wished I hadn’t!!
The applicator was painful to use, felt like sandpaper & being cut on the inside. Then the gel come into contact & the STINGING & BURNING was SO INTENSE!! I was in EXCRUCIATING PAIN with tears pouring down my face!!
I would Never use this gel again” P.D.

Owner response: This reads like a terrible experience. It is very unlike what others describe.
Not sure if the instructions (Directions for Use) were not understood or if the treated area was very badly inflamed. Aloe Vera is a gel that sooths – after possibly some varying degree of stinging on inflamed tissue, but not “like sandpaper and cutting”.
Neither were we asked for support, nor was the “money back guarantee” requested. An upsetting read but unusual customer-reaction.

“Can you please advise total cost to send the gel to me , I tried the sample and it seems to be better than other stuff tried.” P.O. March 2023.

“Not chronically but on and off and still very bothersome! This is the only thing I’ve found that really helps as opposed to the usual prescription creams from the doctor.

I will no doubt be back again in the future and have recommended this product to a few friends of mine too. It’s quite a common issue especially after the stresses of childbirth.” D.D. February 2023

“Presto gel is so efficient. Relieves pain and discomfort quickly. I had been in a lot of pain and had been referred to a surgeon. By the time I was able to get an appointment there was nothing for him to see, all was healed! I told him about Presto Gel as I felt it could help others. I avoided surgery which was so good. I’m sure he will recommend it to others. As an RN familiar with traditional treatments I was not expecting a lot but desperate for the pain to settle, it did 🙂 Great product. Happy to recommend.” Anon December 2022.

“I stumbled across this on a google search and ordered it. It feels really soothing to use and I’ve found it definitely offering some relief to the pain associated with haemorrhoids. It feels like it’s good for the skin too. Recommend it!” K.R. December 2022

“This is seriously good stuff. It really works and does so amazingly quickly. I recommend this to everyone I know who needs it.” P.S. Invercargill. October 2022.

“Unfortunately after using the trial sachet it has not been suitable for me. Can I please return the product. Thanks and kind regards” MM. December 2022″.
Reply: Product was returned to us in good condition and money refunded.

“I buy your product regularly  and i love it!” GV. Waikato. August 2022″.

“I tried the sample of the gel last night – and it is amazing – I am making lifestyle changes also – but after just 3 tiny applications there is much relief!

I slept well for the first time in a few months – so thank you! I am one satisfied customer for sure!”

L. Wellington, August 2022”.

“Very happy with the product, Thanks”
PH. Northland July 2022″.

“Your product is the first thing that has worked for me. Would like to make another order. Many thanks.”
“Thank you so much Maria. Appreciate your prompt responses and quick service. Your product is awesome and thanks so much.
Nga mihi ”
F. Northland July 2022″.

“From Last year I’ve suffered from painful piles, they were getting worst over time. So I was looking for some medicines or gel and found presto Gel. I am happy to say that YES! IT WORKS. my hemorrhoids are gone and no more pain now. My question is for how long more do I need to use it and is there ever a time when I can stop using it?”. R.K, Wellington, Mar-2022

Answer: “Presto gel is used when there is itching or bleeding, the earlier the better to prevent more damage. As soon as healed (no more itching and bleeding), there is no point in further using the gel. If the haemorrhoids return, the gel can be used again as there are no side effects”.

“Wonderful service, wonderful product thank you”. “I previously was on doctor’s prescribed steroids, which did not help really. Very soon after using Presto gel I found improvement and I am reordering again because it is wonderful”. “Your website has very useful information and the brochures/guides that came with my order are very helpful”. M, Tauranga, Nov-2021

“Great Thanks,I gotta say,I have tried all sorts doctor’s prescriptions and different supposed remedies, Presto Gel has been the only thing that’s given me any relief.So I’m impressed with that. Many Thanks. ” P, Kaitaia, Oct-2021

“I felt immediate relief when using presto gel, I could not believe it made such a difference! I am so grateful that I found this product and that it is safe to use during breastfeeding.

What a great product that brought relief where 2x treatments of prescribed steroid suppositories made no difference.

Who knew hemorrhoids could be so painful.

Aside from the soothing product, excellent service too with fast delivery. Going out of their way when a purchase got lost in the post to replace + get it to me overnight. They contacted me before I was even aware.

I can highly recommend both the product and this awesome team.”
J, Lower Hutt, June-2021

“What a good product, it delivers what is claimed and I got instant relief when trying it for the first time. Presto gel is a really good healing gel. ” K, Auckland, Feb-2021

“After having suffered a serious workplace injury I was prescribed a cocktail of anti depressants and muscle relaxants as a part of my treatment, which unfortunately resulted in constipation.

Being in my early twenties and never experienced this kind of blockage before I unsuccessfully continuously attempted to use the toilet. The end result has been over thirty years of painful sporadic flare ups down below. Itching pain bleeding loss of concentration and difficulty sleeping to name but a few – and importantly desperation in finding a product that actually worked.
Over this course of time I have had several embarrassing examinations and a number of minor treatments including almond oil injections to rectify the problem without success.

Without any doubt I can testify to you now that PrestoGel is superior to any other soothing products I have purchased – many of those containing powerful Lignocaine.
The relative inexpense of this product is excellent value for money and for me, personally I cannot speak highly enough and strongly recommend you try PrestoGel.
In life we often hear of miracle cures and although I am not claiming that, the level of relief and success has been outstanding, the manufacturers of PrestoGel have achieved something truely special.” WG, Christchurch, Dec-2018

“I felt immediate relief upon application of the gel, lasting for some hours after every application.
It has been six months and my condition has remained absolutely quiet. I continue using the preparation after defecation as prophylaxis.”A.V. (*)

“I came to Dr. A’s clinic upon recommendation of a friend who was treated by him for hemorrhoids and who was extremely satisfied. I suffered from hemorrhoids for years and was treated in the past with many different ointments, some of which helped me, while others didn’t. I visited many specialists who could not help me much. About five years ago, I underwent surgery and since then I had a calm period for about four and a half years, and all of a sudden hemorrhoids struck again with swelling and bleeding, terrible pain, and unbearable pressure.

Dr. Alex gave me Presto Gel and told me to use it 6-7 times a day. The condition of the hemorrhoids improved from day to day, bleeding stopped, the hemorrhoids began to shrink and enter inside, and the pain disappeared completely. Now I use Presto Gel 1-2 times a day after defecation to make sure the hemorrhoids do not return again.

I am very satisfied and recommend with all my heart the use of Presto Gel to all those who suffer from hemorrhoids. It really helps immediately and efficiently”. Y. K. (*)

“I recommend Presto Gel as a miracle cure for hemorrhoids to everyone. It really saved me. I have suffered from hemorrhoids for many years and went mad with it. I am 67 years old and until today I have not found anything that helps me like Presto Gel. All my pain gradually disappeared, bleeding stopped, the hemorrhoids entered inside and I feel very good. Today I am a happy man without hemorrhoids. Now I use the gel 1-2 times a day as it makes me feel better”. R. A. (*)

1. Patients letter to her doctor

Dear Dr Y*,

“I write with regard to a trial I have been participating in for treatment of haemorrhoids.

I visited Dr Z*…… who examined me and said that the problem was definitely haemorrhoids. I had used some steroidal cream as prescribed plus various herbal and pharmacy treatments. None of these had helped and the steroidal cream made me feel quite sick. I was feeling despondent as the condition was definitely not improving and there didn’t seem to be anything that could help.

About a week after my visit to Dr Z*….. I began participating in a New Zealand evaluation trial of Presto Gel, a herbal gel that was being trialled by Auckland-based The Blase Company. I had no expectations of this product after my lack of success with other products but, much to my amazement, I quickly found that I was gaining haemorrhoid relief for some time after each application. As time has gone on, I have continued to improve to the point that there is very little discomfort and some days none at all. I am now hopeful that the improvement will continue and I will be free of this disconcerting condition.

As requested by the supplying company, I contacted you about this trial prior to starting my use of the gel to ask if you would be prepared to receive the gel on my behalf and provide the supplying company with a comment on the success or otherwise after I had been using it for a while. You kindly agreed to this. Would you mind doing a quick report to this effect, confirming that I did have haemorrhoids and that I have had significant improvement through use of the gel? I would be very grateful for this as this product has made a big difference to my quality of life and I think it can help a great many people, but the company requires evidence before they begin to market it properly”. – RS

2. Doctors Response (reproduced with permission)

28 October 2011

“I wish to inform you that R saw me and a local surgeon with painful haemorrhoids earlier in 2011. She was prescribed U…….. but remained unwell. A trial supply of your product “Presto Gel” was used with no great expectations but proved very effective.

R is now pain-free most days. Surgery was offered as a possible treatment option but after the success she had with your product, R ….. will be treated conservatively”.

– Dr Y

“Following episodes of bleeding that began some 25 years ago, I asked my GP if I had haemorrhoids. After examination, he just said “It is a mess”. There was no discomfort so I did not consider treatment until last year when bleeding increased, along with increasing pain. External haemorrhoids developed and at times the pain was severe.

I then discovered Presto Gel and after about three months, the bleeding had reduced and the pain became tolerable but the improvement seemed to come to a stop. The people at Presto Gel told me to add psyllium hulls to my diet which helped but I still bled every few days. Finally they suggested I take an enema before each bowel movement to soften the stool and protect my bowel until better healing had taken place. Now, about four months further on, the bleeding has stopped altogether and I have no pain. I recommend you try Presto Gel because it has really helped me get my life back again”.

– A.J. (*)

“I am in my forties and a mother of two young children. It was terrible developing external haemorrhoids during the lead up to Christmas – I couldn’t sleep properly and had to spend some of each day lying down to try and relieve the itching and pain. The ointment prescribed by the Dr did not work. I spent hours reading about the problem online and trying to find a solution.

I am always suspicious about product testimonials on websites in case they are not true. In desperation I decided to try Presto Gel. I was very particular about following the instructions exactly, except using sensitive baby wipes instead of the recommended body wash (because I couldn’t locate any). Increased water and fibre consumption also helped, as well as stopping drinking alcohol. I made sure to take the gel out with me to use during the day if I wasn’t at home.

After the very first application of the gel there was relief from the pain and itching. After approximately two weeks, the problem was lessening and after a further two weeks the haemorrhoids have completely gone. I cannot describe how happy I am about Presto Gel! IT WORKS!”

– A.V. (*)

“I just want to say a big thank you to the Presto Gel, it has honestly saved me from terrible discomfort and depression I get whenever I get haemorrhoids (external ones). I’ve been suffering from them since the age of 17 and had tried every folklore and cream on the market to help the agonizing pain. I’ve spent so much on A……. and P……. gels over the last 13 years that didn’t do anything.

They usually take me 3 – 6 weeks to heal and I get them maybe once a year or every two years. Your Gel helps me through the physiological pain of discomfort which triggers a type of depression and a toilet fear I get whenever I need to go.

Thanks you once again, you give me a sense of relief and able to do my daily job without interference and still able to do physical tasks and exercise.”

– M.C. (*)

“I had a nasty case of an anal fissure that developed a haemorrhoid – after 7 days of no relief with prescription meds the pain was agonising so I tried Presto Gel after finding it on the internet. Delivery was next day and after only 24 hours use the pain and swelling has gone.

Truely fantastic product that I would recommend to anyone !

– A.G. (*)

Please understand that we are each biologically unique and individual patient response will vary.

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