Presto Gel 25 Gram Tube


Item Quantity Price (Each)
2 - 2 $16.95
3 - 5 $16.45
6 + $15.95

25 Gram Tube of Presto Gel for soothing and relieving irritation, redness and discomfort in the anal area.

Presto Gel was formulated using active ingredients that are natural, herbal, and non-toxic in order to optimise the body’s own healing mechanisms to repair all hemorrhoids/piles symptoms. It has been clinically proven to be superior to the performance of three representative haemorrhoid preparations containing combinations of standard ingredients such as: Ethyl-three-O-benzyl-D-glucofuroluzyl 3,5,6, Benzocaine, Hydrocortisone, Nifidipine, and Zinc. The clinical results exceeded the clinician’s expectations by such a margin that all things considered, Presto Gel is now your Hemorrhoid Treatment of Choice.

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x1 ($17.95 ea), x2 ($16.95 ea), x3 ($16.45 ea), x4 ($16.45 ea), x6 ($15.95 ea)