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Presto Gel is for hemorrhoids treatment, cure your hemorrhoids with our anal fissure cream
Presto Gel is the best cream for hemorrhoids to treat anal fissure relief

Presto Gel 25 Gram Tube (Sale: Damaged outer box – limited to two per order)


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Damaged outer box, but new stock and contents perfect.

Maximum two items per customer.
25 Gram Tube of Presto Gel for soothing and relieving irritation, redness and discomfort in the anal area.
Perfect for Treating Hemorrhoids.

Presto Gel was formulated using active ingredients that are natural, herbal, and non-toxic in order to optimise the body’s own healing mechanisms to repair all hemorrhoids/piles symptoms. It has been clinically proven to be superior to the performance of three representative haemorrhoid preparations containing combinations of standard ingredients such as: Ethyl-three-O-benzyl-D-glucofuroluzyl 3,5,6, Benzocaine, Hydrocortisone, Nifidipine, and Zinc. The clinical results exceeded the clinician’s expectations by such a margin that all things considered, Presto Gel is now your Hemorrhoid Treatment of Choice.

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